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Letters from kids about golf

Dear Kathy,

The reason why I would like to keep playing golf during the summer is because I think it's fun and we would be able to become better and have more activity during the summer to keep busy without getting into trouble. I think it would be lots of fun.

Age 14

Dear Kathy,

I like golf because it is a good sport. Golf has lots of skills. I think that the lessons you give us should continue because of Tiger Woods. We should not stop because we learn a lot. It is good of our coach John to help us.

Age 13

Dear Ms. Cathy,

I would like to be a Caddy because I need a job to help pay the bills because my mother is in the hospital and I have three other brothers and sisters and I need to help put food on the table and a roof over our heads.

Karriem Rouletti
20 years old

Dear Kathy,

I want to be a Caddy this summer because I'm really in need of a job that pays well for a decent amount of time. Caddying is something I can enjoy because I like golf, it's a very relaxing sport. I know what a caddy has to do and I'm willing. I know all of the rules(?) with the help of you and Jon. I'm really looking forward to you and Jon helping get this job that I need and will enjoy doing.

17 years old

Dear Mrs. Kathy,

The reason I like golf is because it inspires me because golf isn't like all the other sports. All other sports are team things and golf is an individual thing and it contains lots of concentration which excites me the most. I think that our lessons should continue because golf is a fine thing to learn and some day I hope to be like Tiger Woods.

Khalil Keynolds
12 yrs

Dear Mrs. Kathy,

I would like to play golf because its looks fun and interesting. I would like to learn more about this sport and how to play. I would try my hardest to learn and became good at this sport.

Sadik Pul
15 yrs

Dear Kathy,

The reason why I like golf is because I think it is a very good sport to play. I would like to play it all through the summer. I think I would do very good.

Vanisha Willams
Age 10

Dear Miss Kathy,

The reason I like golf is because it's a fun sport and because I learned how to stroke with two clubs. A putter and a club. I'd like to learn how to stroke with other clubs. The sport is individual and in all other sports there is more than 2 people on a team. In the future I want to became a coach.

Age 12

Dear Cathy

I like playing golf because I like to hit it in the hole. And I would like to learn how to play so I can play when I grow up. I would like to come every Tuesday because I have so much fun.

Ashley (7)
With little help from coach Karriem
2 grade

Dear Cathy,

I would like to come back to learn how to play golf because it is fun to learn how to play golf. It is fun to play golf because same day I will play golf. I don't like golf - I love golf.

Musa Gay
10 yr, 4th grade

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